Religion in the Philippines is largely Roman Catholic at 82% nationwide, followed by Islam at 5%, and other Christian factions such as Evangelicals and Iglesia ni Cristo at smaller percentages. This apportioning of faith extends to Boracay; Catholicism announces itself with a giant wooden cross above the cliffs on the northern part of the island (seen on White Beach Station 1), as well as statues of Mary installed on Willy’s Rock and into the rock wall dividing White Beach and Diniwid. Muslim women wear head coverings, whereas the men wear traditional caps. The Holy Rosary Parish Church in Barangay Balabag situated between Stations 1 and 2 (near the famous Willy’s Rock) has regular mass schedules, with mass held in English on Sunday afternoons. There’s also Boracay Grace Baptist Church, which is beside Crown Prince Regency.

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