Explore the Island

Though exploring the island by foot is still by far the best and most environmentally supportive way to get around Boracay, rental tricyles (about USD5 per hour) are readily available if you wish to get off your feet. Mountain bikes, ATVs, and motor bikes are also available for rent.

Hop on a motorbike or tricycle to explore the inroads of Boracay's simple village life.

Beyond the beach strip lies the simple village life of the island.

For those who yearn to circumnavigate the island by sea, paraws (native sailboats), kayaks, and motorized outrigger boats are widely available for both hourly and daily rentals.

paraw sailboat with Boracay sunset

Cap off island hopping with your paraw sailing into the sunset.

Don’t be afraid to explore the island; just the small size of Boracay would make it difficult to get lost in, but the friendly helpfulness of the people makes it almost impossible. No matter where you end up, you will at most be only a few hours away from where you started.

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