The Cross on the Cliff

You are on White Beach Station 1, and you see the cross on the cliff. Have you ever wondered what that cross was about?

Island-bred singer-songwriter Armand TJ shares:

The cross on the cliff overlooking White Beach, Boracay Island. Steve Tajanlangit and son, Armand TJ.The picture above is me with my father, the late Steve Tajanlangit Jr., sailing the sea in Northern Palawan, Philippines. We were island hopping when this picture was taken. He was always in search of  uncharted paradise islands. He was also a big dreamer, an entrepreneur, a visionary. He passed away from cancer  in 2010. A cross on a cliff, overlooking the white beach, marks his final resting place. He had unfinished dreams of sharing the experience of paradise to the rest of the world.

With his passing,  the dream somehow lives on with me and my path.  In my journey, Ill be encountering the community of globe-trekkers time and time again – as I travel from Boracay to the world. Together we’ll be singing the songs that connect us all,  celebrating life, love, and paradise found.

Music unites! An island movement is born.

One Island, One World…. ONE LOVE!

Nobody who has listened to Armand TJ’s music comes away untouched by the “magic” of Boracay, which is sadly a rare experience now, being taken over by various commercial adventures as the island modernized to the regrettable point of overdevelopment.

As Armand TJ himself says, “I believe that a lot of people come here but not all of them get what is the magic, what is the soul, of the island. The soul of the island is unique to the island itself.”

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5 thoughts on “The Cross on the Cliff

  1. “Magical” is, no doubt, one word that fits Boracay perfectly…You are lucky to live everyday of your life in paradise, man! Leaving Boracay always feels like leaving someone you have fallen in love with so madly behind…fearing that you’ll never get to go back and see her again…but, you know, you just have to leave somehow but the hope of coming back is something you hold dear in your heart everyday afterwards…

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