As Unique as a Red Coconut

There’s no such thing as a “red” coconut—but that’s precisely why this resort is named after it. If there were indeed a red coconut, it would be extremely rare, unique.

But Red Coconut Beach Hotel Boracay is not the only beachfront hotel in the middle of White Beach. Like many others, it has the perfect, most accessible location—it sits near D’Mall (the shopping, dining, and shuttle service center of the island), and is within a few steps of the liveliest hang-outs. But what makes Red Coconut a consistent favorite is how it unabashedly insists on its uniqueness, on how it resists the status quo. Throughout the years, it has reinvented itself again and again.

Racquel de Asis Schnitzius of Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Racquel de Asis Schnitzius of Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Take this for instance: Red Coconut is hard to miss because of its comparably colossal, brightly-lit structure. But back in the late 90s, when Mike Schnitzius Sr. and Raquel de Asis Schnitzius first entered the picture, the place seemed to be a risky investment. However, the couple had a knack for spotting the potential, so they embarked on what was then an ambitious project, a two-storey resort. Under Raquel’s watch as the chairperson and majority shareholder, Red Coconut grew to three storeys with 25 rooms by 2006. And over the next six years since, with Red Coconut refusing to stay the same, it gradually rose to today’s four storeys and 50 rooms. As one of Boracay’s pioneer resorts, Red Coconut developed along with the island.

Red Coconut is more than just an iconic, tropical-themed structure. The rooms’ balconies don’t just overlook the ocean, but a swimming pool as well. Red Coconut maximizes its beachfront location in the way no other resort does—not only is the swimming pool beachfront, but also the world-class restaurant, the hip CocoBar (both open-air and a few steps from the sea), and the charming CocoCafe.

Red Coconut Beach Hotel beachfront barRed Coconut Beach Hotel beachfront airconditioned cafe

Lest we think that putting back profits into reinventing, renewing, and refreshing the resort is the sole secret behind Red Coconut’s prominence, General Manager Mike Schnitzius Jr. emphatically adds that it was Raquel, too, who set the resort’s direction towards sharing itself to the local community. Aside from community projects with World Vision and the Red Cross, what motivates Raquel is the creation of jobs for local Filipinos. Thus, from 50 employees just six years ago, Red Coconut now has over a hundred happy employees, many having worked for Red Coconut for many years.

Moreover, Raquel has also proven to be a champion for the environment as she has spearheaded the transformation of Red Coconut into an ecologically-friendly hotel. The installation of LED lights, waterless urinals, energy efficient back-up generator and air conditioners, energy-saving switch-off panels when guests leave their room, and water-savers on all faucets all play a role in the success of Raquel’s ambition to place Red Coconut as the premier example of  “going green” in Boracay.

With a heart of gold, this lady has won the hearts of all those who have had the privilege of working with her—truly a Boracaynon to the core.

These, and many more, explain the positive vibes that guests testify about in their stay in Red Coconut.



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